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The Wesleyan church of Myanmar

Was founded on November 23,1996 from the upper Myanmar Methodist church as the result of spiritual revival movement which swept the area of the region.

The North American Wesleyan church sent its first representative, Dr. John Cornor to Myanmar on January 23-26,1997 to visit the church in view of confirming it as a part of the Wesleyan churches. Then Rev. Kerry D.Kind and Dr. Brian Bock visited to Myanmar again on July 11-14,1997. As the result of their report, Rev. Stephen Scott Horst was sent to Myanmar to bring the memorandum called “A declaration of union” that confirmed the Myanmar Wesleyan church as a part of the Wesleyan churches Worldwide. The North America General Superintendent Dr. Thomas Armiger, and Rev. Huliana, the first National Superintendent of Myanmar signed the declaration on February 2,1998.

The first national Officers and leaders of the Myanmar Wesleyan church were;-

Rev. Huliana – National Superintendent,
Rev. Thomas Lalrothanga – National Secretary,
Mr. Hranglianbuaia – National treasurer.

Since the first National Annual Conference, seven more boards and two departments have been formed. In addition, two auxiliary ministries were formed, namely the Bethany Clinic on August 16,1997 and the Union Biblical seminary ( UBS) Yangon on July 5,1999. All the boards and departments were functioning successfully since then except the union biblical seminary.

The church looked after the UBS for more than ten years but unfortunately, it was handed over to one leader to run as a private ministry in 2010. Since then, the church has no official educational School of its own or no training center of the Wesleyan tradition. As the churches were planted, the church buildings have been used as training centers at the same time where needed. Therefore, one of our main goals and prayer has been to own an official training center. Today, the Bethany clinic is the only auxiliary ministry remaining.

The church was formed three established Districts, two provisional Districts, and two developing Districts. Currently, there are 43 local churches and 11270 members in the entire Myanmar Wesleyan church. We have 37 ordained pastors, 7 lay pastors, 16 national evangelists, 345 lay ministers, and 35 missionaries and they all have been serving the Lord faithfully.

The church has six home mission fields in different parts of the country as it has emphasized soul winning from the very start. The church also sent 35 home missionaries and baptized 50 new converts every year for extending His Kingdom more and more. We are looking forward to seeing ten more Burmese developing Local churches with one thousand members in the future. It is our prayer that our missionaries and their members will be faithful in the ministry for the Lord.

N.B : “About The Wesleyan Church of Myanmar” was written by Mr.Martin L.R Mawia, our former National Treasurer.


Our Present Leaders

Rev. D.Lawm Sanga

Rev. D.Lawm Sanga


Rev. Zonun Tluanga

Rev. Zonun Tluanga

National Superintendent

Mr. Rual Khuma

Mr. Rual Khuma


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